The Ornament of the World

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The Ornament of the World
How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain
Maria Rosa Menocal
Cambridge University Press
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A rich and thriving culture where literature, science and religious tolerance flourished for 700 years is the subject of this enthralling history of medieval Spain. Living side by side in the Andalusian kingdoms, the 'peoples of the book' produced statesmen, poets and philosophers who influenced the rest of Europe in dramatic ways, giving it the first translations of Plato and Aristotle, love songs and secular poetry plus remarkable feats of architecture and technology. This evocative account explores the lost history whose legacy and lessons have a powerful resonance in today's world.

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Maria Rosa Menocal is R Selden Rose Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at Yale University and is Director of Yale's Whitney Humanities Center. Foreward by Harold Bloom.

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